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Widow’s Lure (formerly known as Solstice Satisfaction) is a blog created and run by “The Black Widow” Noah La’ulu, a 21-year-old Australian journalist and blogger with interests in sport, music, celebrities and entertainment and other lifestyle topics.

Widow’s Lure looks to entertain the target demographic and provide helpful advice, quirky opinions and all-around silliness through the entertaining articles published on the site.

Interested in writing for Widow’s Lure? Send us a brief introduction and an example of your writing to info@widowslure.com – and keep it casual.

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this blog solely belong to the writer or to those whose names are attached to the opinion expressed.


Five facts about me:
[x] I’ve been a vegetarian since October 2008.
[x] I’ve been writing stories since I was 5; the first I remember writing was about a Blockbuster store burning down and a 6 year old boy rescuing everyone.
[x] I support the Brisbane Broncos and Queensland Maroons, and I live in Sydney. Inb4h8.
[x] Once spent nearly $200 on presents for Love and Theft. #proudthefthead
[x] My dream vehicle is a custom pink Harley Davidson sportster.

Five facts about me:
1. I have really bad ornithophobia (fear of birds).
2. I can curl my tongue three times.
3. I dream in black and white.
4. Sometimes I pretend I’m the sixth Spice Girl and dance around my flat singing into a hairbrush.
5. I am ridiculously in love with Mark Harmon.

Nikolina Photo
Five facts about me:
– I have an obsession with turtles because they are the cutest thing alive.
– I am a tad bit OCD and my whole room is white.
– I talk way too fast that I even lose myself at times.
– I love to watch people at cafe’s sipping coffee and imagine their life in my head.
– I have watched Bold and the Beautiful religiously ever since I was little and I am not ashamed of it!

Photo on 6-11-13 at 12.47 PM
Five facts about me:
> I get stupidly happy over anything coloured or tasting like banana; Including bananas.
> I’m partly sure aliens exist and fully terrified.
> I have a fear of flying but a desire to see the world.
> If I never get to own a Red Panda I will die bitter and regretful.
> When I was young I found out the hard way that punching your eyes would not actually make you see stars.

Five facts about me:
1. If anything was possible, one of the first things I would do is build a time machine and go right back to the beginning of time (if there was one), and slowly make my way back to the modern day – all the while marvelling at how everything changes/evolves.
2. I can’t play any sport to save my life.
3. I love doing different voices and accents even though I’m not very good at it.
4. I’m exceptionally squeamish.
5. I love all furry and cuddly creatures, but I also often find certain animals (that most would find ugly/disgusting/weird etc) cute – like crabs, strange looking fish and some insects.

Five facts about me:
– I am a lefty, but write with my right hand.
– I have an irrational fear of irregular sized holes and did not enjoy watching the 2003 film Holes starring Shia LaBeouf.
– Tina Fey is my heroine, and by heroine I mean lady hero. I don’t want to inject her and listen to jazz.
– I once shared a deep and meaningful connection with Paul Rudd through a split second eye contact when we ran into each other at the movies.
– I used to stage Harry Potter productions where I played Harry simply because I wore glasses, not, as I’ve repeatedly been told, because I was a star.

Five facts about me:
(1) I am colour blind to shades of red.
(2) I’m left handed for writing and eating etc. but I’m right handed for most sports.
(3) I don’t like milk chocolate.
(4) I love the smell of salt and pepper on tomatoes.
(5) I’m extremely unbalanced and uncoordinated even though most of the sports I play require high coordination.

Five facts about me:
• I live and breathe Supernatural (the television show).
• I am married to Sam Burgess (unbeknown to him) and as a direct result a Bunnies supporter.
• I love the smell of rain.
• I own a French Bulldog named Buddy who is 6 months old and whom I love to death.
• I cannot function without my morning coffee and will often exhibit serial killer like traits until I down a cup.

james pic
Five facts about me:
1) I’m From Northern Ireland and moved to Australia permanently 6 months ago.
2) I’m a big fan of Sean Bean… dating back to Sharpe not just Ned Stark!
3) I share a birthday with James Brown… and a first name. Spooky, eh?
4) I have worked, varyingly, as a topless barman, commercial fisherman and an oxygen salesman.
5) I’m like an idiot savant of song lyrics and yet strangely rubbish at the music round of a pub quiz.

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