About The Black Widow

Nikki “The Black Widow” Hamilton is a 27-year-old journalist currently living in Sydney, Australia. A recently degree-qualified journalist from Macleay College, Nikki spent his time studying in various roles for the college’s student based publishing website, The Newsroom, as a feature writer, production team member and sports editor, where he learned the fundamental skills required to be a journalist. With experience interviewing and transcribing, structuring and writing copy, and pitching suitable stories for a target market, Nikki is a young journalist with a bright future.

He has written for women’s lifestyle magazine Flamingo Pink and has contributed multiple articles for the site as their “guy writer”, expressing things from a male’s perspective. Nikki has also contributed to the food, travel and lifestyle website Pepper Passport. Writing as “The Black Widow”, Nikki has also contributed to popular Australian sports website The Roar.

Nikki has also ventured into the world of creative writing and has published his first novel, The Heart Wants What It Wants (written as Noah Malone), followed by the sequel Lighthouse.

Examples of other work

Work on Flamingo Pink:
Sex things you think he enjoys
Why don’t guys text back?
What makes us swipe right
What guys really think of tomboys
How to successfully take a man shopping

Work on The Newsroom:
Haka? What’s the song and dance about?
Boys in books are better
Cheerleading in Oz? Bring it on!
Is that tattoo really so weird?
Homophobia in sport… really?

Work on Pepper Passport:
We’ve found Australia’s best old school ice cream parlour

Work on The Roar:
WWE vs UFC: Do you want entertainment or reality?
Can you really have two teams?
Keep your Feldman and Haim, Parker’s the only Corey for me
Why I hate being an NRL fan sometimes
The UFC’s girls kick arse too

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