Widow’s Lure (formerly known as Solstice Satisfaction) is a blog created and run by “The Black Widow” Nikki Hamilton, a 27-year-old Australian journalist, author, dancer, professional wrestler and blogger with interests in sport, music, celebrities and entertainment and other lifestyle topics.

Widow’s Lure looks to entertain the target demographic and provide helpful advice, quirky opinions and all-around silliness through the entertaining articles published on the site.

Interested in writing for Widow’s Lure? Send us a brief introduction and an example of your writing to widowslure.com@gmail.com – and keep it casual. As you can see, we publish all kinds of posts, such as fitness trends and dieting, to why you hate your neighbour.

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this blog solely belong to the writer or to those whose names are attached to the opinion expressed.

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