Takedowns & Tiaras

For the fan of high-end fashion and high-flying moonsaults.

Introducing Takedowns & Tiaras, a vlog by yours truly hosted on my YouTube channel where I discuss all things wrestling, pop culture, fashion, beauty and trends. I will also have the blessed opportunity from time to time to interview other Australian professional wrestlers so we can talk about their careers, or me. Whichever is preferable.

Do you have a topic you wish to be discussed on the vlog? Or do you have a favourite Australian professional wrestler you wish for me to interview? Let me know! Write to me at widowslure@gmail.com and I will try my best to accommodate.


Episode One: I talk about wrestler shaming, Sable vs. Jacqueline, and how good my eyebrows are.
Episode Two: I sit down with Mr. Christmas and talk about his career, what inspirations he has in wrestling, Amy Weber’s musical career, and the controversial tweet by Aria Blake that sparked a huge debate in the wrestling community.
Episode Three: I sit down with a glass of wine in my Julian Edelman jersey and talk about intergender wrestling, what I should do with my hair, and how ridiculous it is that Princess Jasmine can have a pet tiger and I can’t.
Episode Four: I sit down with ASPN (formerly known as “The Princess of Ponsonby” Ashlee Spencer) and we talk about her wrestling career, the controversial tweets between Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch, what happened at the infamous #POPxNVB sleepover, and her newfound appreciation for The Kat.
Episode Five: I open up the forum for men to discuss mental health, and publicly talk about my own personal battles with mental health for the first time.