Hello Widow’s Lurians!

If you’re into watching sassy, obnoxious video gamers live stream playing a dating simulation app based on a popular reality television series, then boy do I have news for you…

This is #NikkiPlaysLoveIsland.

You can watch me live stream every Monday and Wednesday night at 7pm on my Twitch channel play Love Island: The Game and can experience the life of Tygress the Love Island contestant.

If you miss a Live Stream, you can find the full streaming episodes uploaded onto my YouTube channel (conveniently compiled into a playlist for you) to re-watch and re-live the hilarity that ensues.


Season One

Episode One: Enter the Villa
Episode Two: Your Bikini’s Trash, Hun
Episode Three: The Horizontal Tango
Episode Four: The First Recoupling
Episode Five: A Date with Levi