Review: You

Who knew one three-letter word could be so impactful?

You by Caroline Kepnes could very well be the most powerful novel of this year (besides The Heart Wants What It Wants, of course). You details the life of one Joe Goldberg… well, no it doesn’t really. It actually details the life of one Guinevere Beck, through the eyes of Joe Goldberg. You see, Joe Goldberg has an infatuation with Miss Beck… well, no he doesn’t really. He’s obsessed with Guinevere Beck, and you live out his adoration for her in this book.

It’s a refreshing change from all the romance novels I review, right?



If the book synopsis isn’t enough for you to pick this book up, I don’t know what is. You was amaaaaaazing. If you ever wanted to get in the shoes of a obsessive stalker, then this is the closest you’re ever going to get. The way Kepnes has brought the characters of Joe and Beck to life through her words is incredible, and I cannot praise her any more for the narrative she has told in this book.

Not only does she get into the head of a stalker, but she also writes it in a way that makes the reader understand and empathise why he thinks the way he does. Despite knowing that what Joe is doing is, well, unusual, Kepnes makes it out to be completely logical and at times throughout the novel where *RELATIVELY SMALL SPOILER* it seems he may get caught, you’ll be on Team Joe, waving your flag, chanting “Come on Joe! Don’t get caught! Get out of it!”, and then you will be sitting there wondering why you are advocating the work of a “passionate” man like Joe.

The way that this book is written is not only unique and interesting, it’s super refreshing. While the reader takes on the persona of Joe in first person, it’s also actually kinda written in second person, as the pages detail the actions and events in Beck’s life using the titular word “You”. You did this. You did that. You blinked. It’s really quite fascinating how she has written this.

Style of writing: 9.2/10
Overall: 9.0/10

This book was just great. Everything. Great. I highly recommend that those who are fans of thriller novels – or even those of you who aren’t (I’m a self-confessed romance novel lover, and I LOVED this book) – pick this book up and read it. It’s just one of those books that you can’t for the life of you put down. And I don’t blame you.

– by The Black Widow

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