Tipping for Dummies: Round 6

After missing last week’s TFD due to the bus ride from hell (that took double the time it usually takes), we’re back with Tipping for Dummies!

Everybody's favourite Tipping for Dummies!

Everybody’s favourite Tipping for Dummies!


Friday April 11, 2014
Penrith Panthers vs. South Sydney Rabbitohs @ Sportingbet Stadium
The Panthers are coming off a close win last week, due largely to the skill of rookie debutant Dallin Watene-Zelezniak, who retains his spot on the wing. The Rabbitohs have finally broken their losing streak and look to make a winning streak against Penrith. Both sides remain unchanged but with extended benches.
SolSat’s prediction: Penrith Panthers
With all due respect to the Rabbitohs – and Greg Inglis, because I love him – but their inconsistent play has me skeptical on whether they can continue to perform as well as they did last week. The Panthers are a deadly team this season and I’m expecting a close game between both sides, but a victory for the home team.

Gold Coast Titans vs. Brisbane Broncos @ CBUS Super Stadium
The local Queensland derby takes place tonight as the first-ranked Titans host the third-ranked Broncos. SolSat golden boy Aidan Sezer returns from a quad injury to the number six jersey with Maurice Blair shifting back to the centre. Justin Hodges has been named to start for the Broncos. The Titans are coming off a win against the Storm while the Broncos lost a nailbiter against the Eels last week.
SolSat’s prediction: Brisbane Broncos
I love the Titans, I really do, but I just don’t think they have it in them to down the Broncos. Captain Cozza scored his 1000th point last week, which just goes to show how dominant the Broncos can be when they’re on their best. Here’s to a good game. UP THE MAROONS.

Saturday April 12, 2014
Canberra Raiders vs. Newcastle Knights @ GIO Stadium
Perth will see their second game of the year as the Raiders take on the Knights at GIO Stadium. Both teams are coming off losses from last week, the latter of which was a sizeable difference. Josh Papali’i is among the four Raiders players who return to the team after missing games for different reasons. The Knights remain unchanged, as I impatiently await Mullen’s return.
SolSat’s prediction: Newcastle Knights

Parramatta Eels vs. Sydney Roosters @ PIRTEK Stadium
The Eels and the Roosters meet for the second time this season at the newly named PIRTEK Stadium. The Roosters dominated the Eels in their first match, however the Eels recent winning form may be a changing factor. Fuifui Moimoi returns for the Eels from injury while Jared Waerea-Hargreaves returns for the Chookies after a one week suspension.
SolSat’s prediction: Sydney Roosters
I actually don’t mind the Eels this season, what with the return of Hoppa and the newly signed Peatsy. In saying that, I unfortunately do not see them downing the Roosters, despite the Chookies surprisingly inconsistent season. I am predicting this one to be much closer than the previous.

Wests Tigers vs. North Queensland Cowboys @ Campbelltown Sports Stadium
The team of many home grounds will host the North Queensland Cowboys at Campbelltown this weekend. Both teams have been rather inconsistent with their form, however the Tigers have had a much better season. Debutant Kurtis Rowe replaces the injured Tedesco on the Tigers side while the Cowboys remain unchanged.
SolSat’s prediction: North Queensland Cowboys
When the Cowboys are on, they’re on. If the Cowboys continue the play that they had last week against the Knights, then I am comfortably predicting a Cowboys win here.

Sunday April 13, 2014
New Zealand Warriors vs. Canterbury Bulldogs @ Eden Park
On-again-off-again is the recurring theme between these two teams who both started the season very poorly but have come into form recently, more apparent in the Doggies, who sit second on the ladder. The Doggies are coming off a much needed one point win while the Warriors were decimated. Both teams make important changes to their respective sides due to injury.
SolSat’s prediction: Canterbury Bulldogs
As I stated before, the Doggies have had a more apparent change in form. It seems as if they’ve re-found their pizzazz that made them a killer side in the first place. The Warriors are too inconsistent for my liking so I’m predicting a comfortable win for Canterbury to open Sunday.

Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles vs. Cronulla Sharks @ Brookvale Oval
The Eagles are coming off a shock loss against the Tigers last week after having a kickstart to the season this year. The Sharkies, meanwhile, dominated in their game against the Warriors. Case, set and point. Glenn Stewart and James Hasson return for the Eagles while Chris Heighington swaps Tinirau Arona to start as lock for the Sharks.
SolSat’s prediction: Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles
What would’ve been an obvious pick a couple of weeks ago has turned into a tentative one, and I am tentatively backing the Eagles on this one. Something has lit a fire in the Sharks and they’re firing on all cylinders; however, the Sea Eagles are the Sea Eagles. This’ll be a darn close one!

Monday April 14, 2014
Melbourne Storm vs. St. George Illawarra Dragons @ AAMI Park
Closing the round are the Storm, who are out of the top eight for the first time in like 10 years, hosting the Dragons at AAMI Park. Gareth Widdop will be facing his old team for the first time this round. Both teams were on the bad end of the stick last week with respective losses to the Titans and the Rabbitohs. Tim Glasby replaces Dayne Weston on the Storm and Michael Witt has been named as Dragons halfback.
SolSat’s prediction: Melbourne Storm
This one is also a tentative pick. The Storm haven’t been playing “Storm footy” recently while the Dragons have been on point. However, I am going with the more “experienced” team in this one in what will be a great closing game.

There we go. Without the hiccup of bus rides from hell.

– by The Black Widow

Tipping for Dummies: Round 4

I missed most of round three (live) due to my other engagements. Errgh. I just want to sit home, watch footy and watch Doctor Who and get paid for it.

Everybody's favourite Tipping for Dummies!

Everybody’s favourite Tipping for Dummies!

SolSat’s predictions from round three: 5 of 8 (62.5%) Same score as last round. Dammit.

Friday March 28, 2014
Sydney Roosters vs. Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles
The eagerly awaited 2013 grand final rematch kicks off this round of NRL action as the premiers face the runners-up. Both teams have had an equally impressive start to the season, however Manly will be looking to right the “wrongs” from last year and beat the Roosters.
SolSat’s prediction: Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles
I am basing this purely on “we didn’t win last year so we’re going to get revenge and win this time.” Both teams are pretty on par with each other when it comes to skill and talent (the Pearce and Maloney duo is as effective as the Foran and DCE tandem) so I’m going to go with Manly on this one.

St. George Illawarra Dragons vs. Brisbane Broncos
The still undefeated Dragons who came very close to becoming wooden spooners last week clash against the Broncos who suffered their first loss of the season last week against the Chookies. The Dragons get a two-man bench extension to an otherwise unchanged side while Josh McGuire returns for the Broncos after suspension.
SolSat’s prediction: Brisbane Broncos
Okay so now I guess it seems I’m being biased but I’m really not. I think the Dragons are talented, no question about it, but I think their “luck” is going to run out tonight. The Broncos have stellar defense and a rough forward pack, they just choked in the last minutes last week. They’ll get back into form tonight with a game which will be contender for game of the round.

Saturday March 29, 2014
Canterbury Bulldogs vs. Melbourne Storm
In a game that sees no team with a real home advantage in Perth, the honestly disappointing Bulldogs will go up against the also-undefeated Melbourne Storm. The Doggies will have to pull out the big guns to get the win here but they are capable of doing so in high pressure situations.
SolSat’s prediction: Melbourne Storm
High pressure situation or not, the Storm are on fire. Ignoring the terrible accident with Alex McKinnon last round, the Storm had a phenomenal game and it truly shows you how dominant the Victorian team are. I expect a pretty solid win for the Storm.

New Zealand Warriors vs. Wests Tigers
The Warriors go up against the Tigers on Saturday in what would’ve been viewed as a “passable” game by the end of last year. Both teams (especially the Tigers), however, have made an emphatic point that they should not be written off so quickly, highlighted by their impressive wins last week.
SolSat’s prediction: Wests Tigers
I don’t know what’s happened to Farah’s team of Tigers… whether they’re drinking some of the magic water on Space Jam or what, but they are a totally different team. They are actually quite amazing to watch. I expect a pretty decent win over the Warriors here.

Parramatta Eels vs. Penrith Panthers
The western Sydney rivals collide in the last game of Saturday at Pirtek Stadium. Captain America starts in place of the injured Ben Smith while the previously injured Peter Wallace returns for the Panthers. Josh Mansour is still out with injury. Sadface.
SolSat’s prediction: Penrith Panthers
The same about the Tigers mentioned above could be said about the Panthers, except we know why they’re changed team – their off season. The Eels have it in them to win, no doubt about it, but I just expect a Penrith win here.

Sunday March 30, 2014
South Sydney Rabbitohs vs. Canberra Raiders
The Bunnies will once again play at ANZ Stadium as they take on the Raiders in Sunday’s opener. Both teams are coming off a loss last week and both teams have one win to their name so far. Greg Inglis has been named despite being taken out of the game in the early minutes last week, and Dylan Walker and Chris McQueen also return for the Bunnies. Shaun Fensom returns from suspension for the Raiders.
SolSat’s prediction: South Sydney Rabbitohs
I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m tentative about this tip. If last week’s game for the Bunnies demonstrated anything, it was that they rely heavily on Greg Inglis. While their big man is back, the Raiders Edrick Lee is out, and that will play against them.

Newcastle Knights vs. Cronulla Sharks
The two teams on the bottom of the ladder with no wins to their name whatsoever play against each other at Hunter Stadium where one team is guaranteed a win. Both teams have been very disappointing in the early goings of the season and hopefully this win will bounce them both back up the ladder.
SolSat’s prediction: Cronulla Sharks
Even with Korbin Sims coming on for McKinnon (I love the Sims brothers), I don’t see the Knights taking the win here, however I do expect them to put up a good fight especially because they’re dedicating the rest of the season to McKinnon. God bless.

Monday March 31, 2014
Gold Coast Titans vs. North Queensland Cowboys
In the closing round game that is unfortunately not being played at 1300 SMILES, two of Queensland’s teams collide as the Titans host the Cowboys at CBUS Super Stadium. Zillman is out for the Titans while Aidan Sezer is in doubt. The Cowboys remain an unchanged side.
SolSat’s prediction: North Queensland Cowboys
In terms of overall form, the Cowboys have got it better, which is why I’m tipping them to win this one. Both of these teams are heavy final contenders so this could very well be a classic game.

My WordPress was playing up before so thankfully it’s working now; otherwise, no Tipping for Dummies would have been up for this round. And that would’ve been darn terrible.

– by Noah La’ulu

Tipping for Dummies: Round 3

Two for two. Yeah baby Broncos. Whaaaat.

Everybody's favourite Tipping for Dummies!

Everybody’s favourite Tipping for Dummies!

SolSat’s predictions from round two: 5 of 8 (62.5%) This is an improvement from round one. I am dying to get a perfect score at least once this year.

Friday March 21, 2014
Wests Tigers vs. South Sydney Rabbitohs @ ANZ Stadium
In an odd “whose home game is whose” match, the Tigers take on the Bunnies in the opening game – the former of which is considered as the home team even though ANZ is more commonly associated with the latter. What makes this game even odder is that the team who came up with the big win in round two isn’t who you think it is… and that momentum may play in favour for the Tigers.
SolSat’s prediction: South Sydney Rabbitohs
Soznotsoz, Tigers, but I don’t think Robbie Farahrahrahrah’s team of Tigers can down the Bunnies, even with their close loss to the Sea Eagles looming over their heads. The Bunnies were a force to be reckoned with last year and they will no doubt be the same this year.

Brisbane Broncos vs. Sydney Roosters @ Suncorp Stadium
The baby Broncos take on the Sydney Roosters in their second straight home game. The Broncos are sitting nicely in second place on the ladder while the reigning premiers are a bit lower and look to regain their top position. This will be Martin Kennedy’s first game against his old team since joining the Broncos in the off season.
SolSat’s prediction: Brisbane Broncos
Okay hear me out. I know the Chookies are that damn dominant, but the Broncos have a fire in them I didn’t see much last year. Macca has been on fire in his position as starting hooker for the Broncos and combined with their new leadership, I don’t see why the Bronx can’t win this one. VERY close game, however.

Saturday March 22, 2014
Penrith Panthers vs. Canterbury Bulldogs @ Sportingbet Stadium
The Panthers have had a great start to the season with winger Josh Mansour impressing with his always-top form. Their next challenge comes in the form of the Doggies who, basically, demolished the Sharkies last week.
SolSat’s prediction: Penrith Panthers
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the Panthers had the best off season of all the clubs and their re-design has helped them greatly. The Doggies are playing good, sure, but they haven’t come close to their peak. I know they’re capable of more so I’m expecting a close game but a Penrith win.

Cronulla Sharks vs. St. George Illawarra Dragons @ Remondis Stadium
The last placed Sharkies will look to gain a bit of momentum but unfortunately have the task of doing so against the first placed Dragons. Fortunately for Cronulla, they get key playmaker Toddles Carney and Siosaia Vave back.
SolSat’s prediction: St. George Illawarra Dragons
Gareth Widdop. Need I say more? But seriously, the team as a whole are doing splendidly and it doesn’t surprise me to see them bounce from the bottom of last year’s ladder to the very top. Also… Gareth Widdop. It must be all the Justin Bieber he listens to.

North Queensland Cowboys vs. New Zealand Warriors @ 1300 SMILES Stadium
I’m sorry. I seriously cannot get over the name of that stadium. It suits Thurston so much. Smiles aside, the Cowboys come off a Queensland derby loss against the Broncos while the Warriors will be looking for redemption after losing against the Dragons last week in a whiplashing.
SolSat’s prediction: North Queensland Cowboys
The Cowboys are a strong force (they just couldn’t get past my boys rocksolid defence last week). Give the ball to Thurston and you might as well step aside and let him score. The Warriors, like the Doggies, haven’t hit their peak yet, and they better do so soon otherwise I don’t see finals footy in their future. Also, LOL. 1300 SMILES. That’s so cute.

Sunday March 23, 2014
Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles vs. Parramatta Eels @ Brookvale Oval
The peculiar 10th placed Sea Eagles hope to continue their winning ways and stay in form against the Eels who, like the Warriors, were steamrolled last week at the hands of the Chookies. Maybe the Eels just don’t do well against birds, and Sea Eagles are birds. Glenn Stewart returns for the Eagles while Peatsy returns for the Eels.
SolSat’s prediction: Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles
My bird theory aside, the Sea Eagles always do well against the Eels and I expect a similar outing on Sunday. Even with the return of Nathan Peats, who I consider one of my most cherished players (along with Hoppa), the Eels are no match for the Eagles, but the Parramatta side won’t go down without a fight.

Canberra Raiders vs. Gold Coast Titans @ GIO Stadium
The 11th placed Raiders host the 12th placed Titans at GIO Stadium… probably because one of the glass doors at Canberra Stadium’s broken. It’s interesting to note that the Titans scored their first victory in round one while the Raiders first tasted a win in round two.
SolSat’s prediction: Gold Coast Titans
Why Shillington is on the bench is beyond me, but that aside, I think the Titans have the slight edge over the Canberra side in this one. The Titans have the players to become a great team, they just need to find their “mojo”, to steal a word from Austin Powers. This’ll be one to watch.

Monday March 24, 2014
Melbourne Storm vs. Newcastle Knights @ AAMI Park
The Storm, who in my opinion should be performing way better than one point field goal wins, face the Knights who have yet to taste victory in the season so far. The Storm’s team remains unchanged from round two while the Knights have an extended bench with Fa’alogo wearing number 18.
SolSat’s prediction: Melbourne Storm
Putting aside the fact that the Storm are troopers, the Knights have let me down this season. I don’t know whether it’s because they’re without Mullen or they’re just not in the mood to perform well, but they have not been in form at all this season, and that will be the major contribution to the Storm’s victory.

I’ll be streaming my Broncos game tonight like a peasant seeing as we in Sydney get their game on half an hour delay. What is that?

– by The Black Widow

Tipping for Dummies: Round 2

How good is it to have footy back on our teles! What’s even better is that my beautiful face was featured at the end of the Broncos game where I was cheering decked out in Broncos gear. What’s even better than that is I got to meet the victorious team afterwards! Memberships = worth every dollar.

Everybody's favourite Tipping for Dummies!

Everybody’s favourite Tipping for Dummies!

SolSat’s predictions from round one: 3 of 8 (37.5%) Oops. However, I will make note that the Queensland teams were the ones to not let me down. Yeah. Think about it.

Friday March 14, 2014
Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles vs. South Sydney Rabbitohs @ Bluetongue Stadium
Manly are coming off a last minute-one point loss to Melbourne Storm in round one after an extremely impressive first half. The Bunnies, however, caused what many believed to be an upset when they toppled the reigning premiers with a 20 point win. South Sydney have made no changes to their team, while Wolfman makes his return for the Sea Eagles.
SolSat’s prediction: South Sydney Rabbitohs
Call me old fashioned but I believe in the idea that momentum serves a lot to a team’s spirit and form. The momentum that the Bunnies have gotten so far with their win over the Chookies last week will catapult them into victory over the always-impressive Eagles.

Brisbane Broncos vs. North Queensland Cowboys @ Suncorp Stadium
Queensland’s major rivalry comes to a head as the Broncos take on the Cowboys at Suncorp. Betting odds were against the Broncos last week but my boys proved their critics wrong with a six point victory over the Bulldogs. The Cowboys were also successful over the Raiders in their own six point victory, so both teams will be looking to continue their momentum in the Queensland Derby match.
SolSat’s prediction: Brisbane Broncos
No offence against my boys but this is a tentative tip. The Broncos are good, sure, but the Cowboys are one of the most consistently excellent teams in the NRL, but I do believe that the Broncos will have the slight edge over North Queensland this week.

Saturday March 15, 2014
New Zealand Warriors vs. St. George Illawarra Dragons @ Eden Park
The Warriors will host the Dragons this Saturday at Eden Park after suffering a huge loss to the reinvigorated Parramatta Eels. Dragons players Jack de Belin and Michael Witt join Josh Dugan on the injury sideline. After an impressive performance from newly acquired Gareth Widdop, the Dragons will look to continue their winning form.
SolSat’s prediction: St. George Illawarra Dragons
Gareth Widdop anyone? But seriously, after a disappointing effort from the Warriors last week, I kind of expect the Dragons to make good work of the Warriors. On a side note: Gareth Widdop anyone?

Melbourne Storm vs. Penrith Panthers @ AAMI Park
The Storm and the Panthers clash at AAMI Park with both teams being victorious in the previous round over Manly and Newcastle respectively. Storm playmaker Cooper Cronk returns to the Melbourne side but Penrith’s Jamal Idris and Tim Grant will be rested for another week.
SolSat’s prediction: Melbourne Storm
This one is a tentative tip as well as the Panthers have clearly had the best off season of any team in the NRL. Their acquisitions and their re-design of the club has clearly led to better form, but the Storm are the Storm. And Cooper Donkey’s back.

Sydney Roosters vs. Parramatta Eels @ Allianz Stadium
The Chookies will look to recover after a huge defeat at the hands of the Rabbitohs last week in the opening game while the Eels have been motivated with a win over the Warriors. The Chookies will be without big man Sonny Bill Williams after a shoulder charge ruled him out for three weeks.
SolSat’s prediction: Sydney Roosters
Soz not soz Eels, the Chookies are a dominant team despite their loss last week. Even with the Eels dominating last week against the Warriors, I expect their momentum to be stopped by Robbo’s team of athletes.

Sunday March 16, 2014
Gold Coast Titans vs. Wests Tigers @ CBUS Super Stadium
The Titans caused possibly the biggest upset of round one with a victory over the Sharkies but the Tigers were the victims of a 20 point loss to the Dragons. Titans player Luke Douglas will be in doubt for this game with a thumb injury despite being named. The Tigers have an extended bench for this game.
SolSat’s prediction: Gold Coast Titans
The Titans are, in my sweet and humble opinion, one of the most underrated teams in the game today. They make solid runs and Aidan Sezer’s kicking game is unmatched. The Tigers will need to so some major re-thinking if they want to get back into finals contention.

Newcastle Knights vs. Canberra Raiders @ Hunter Stadium
The Knights take on the Raiders in the closing game of Sunday. Knights fullback Darius Boyd has been ruled out with injury and will be replaced by Kurt Gidley while Canberra’s side remains unchanged. Both teams will look to get back on the right track after losing in round one.
SolSat’s prediction: Newcastle Knights
The Knights had a bit of a hiccup last week. Well, a huge hiccup, but still, their form is much better than that of the Raiders. Come on, Ricky Stuart, sort it out. I like the Raiders side and it’s sad to see them this… sad.

Monday March 17, 2014
Canterbury Bulldogs vs. Cronulla Sharks @ ANZ Stadium
The Bulldogs will host the Sharks at ANZ Stadium in the last game of the round. The Sharks continue to get bad news as captain Paul Gallen has been ruled out for the next six weeks with an injury, and Andrew Fifita has been named in the side despite facing a possible shoulder charge suspension.
SolSat’s prediction: Canterbury Bulldogs
After suffering a loss at the hands of my boys (insert arrogant hair flip here), the Doggies will use that as a fire under their asses to get back to their top form. Amongst all this ASADA crap that is ruining the game, the Sharks have lost their own fire, so the Doggies will take advantage of that.

– by The Black Widow