Tipping for Dummies: Round 19

After a heartstopper of an Origin decider, we are back to the usual comp in Round 19! The biggest story going into this round is Benji Marshall’s departure from league so the Tigers vs. Warriors game will be his last league game in the foreseeable future. I wish well Benji well in his future endeavours because he was an absolute charmer when I met him.

Welcome to Tipping for Dummies!

Everybody's favourite "Tipping for Dummies!"

Everybody’s favourite “Tipping for Dummies!”

SolSat’s Prediction Count from Round 18: 3 out of 4 (75%)

One off… ONE OFF! It’s an improvement from Round 17’s shocker. We’re in the Origin rest round so some teams have a bye, including my Broncos.

Friday 19th July, 2013
West Tigers vs. New Zealand Warriors
Kicking off this week’s league festivities is, as mentioned, Benji’s last game as the Tigers take on the Warriors. The Tigers, who have had a pretty bad season, have the home field advantage plus the motivation of Benji will drive the Tigers to put on a 150% game. The Warriors, needless to say, have wowed me with their solid and unpredictable form with notable mention going out to Shaun Johnson who doesn’t look a day over 16.

SolSat’s Prediction: New Zealand Warriors

I expect the Warriors to continue their roll with a solid victory over the Tigers. With all due respect to Farah and Marshall, they will have trouble dealing with the crazy offense of the Warriors and I predict they will lose because of that, even with the pressure of being Benji’s last game. #ThankYouBenji

Saturday 20th July, 2013
Canberra Raiders vs. Parramatta Eels
Campese’s Raiders vs. Mannah’s Eels at Canberra Stadium. The Raiders have been on quite a decent roll recently whilst the Eels have been on the opposite of a “roll”. The Eels haven’t won an away game at all this season; can they break the streak or will Shillington’s large, manly frame stop them dead in their tracks?

SolSat’s Prediction: Canberra Raiders

The Raiders, in my humble opinion, have this one in the bag. The Raiders have been too good to let another team dethrone that, let alone the Eels who are a shoe in for the Wooden Spoon. That’s all I really have to say about that.

Sydney City Roosters vs. Cronulla Sharks
The Sharks are down a handful of key players for this game as they go against Chookies who are a favourite to make the grand final this year. Roosters five-eighth Maloney has been absolutely incredible all season but so has Cronulla counterpart Todd Carney who, despite not being captain, has led the Sharks successfully, especially in a choice victory over my Bronx last week.

SolSat’s Prediction: Sydney City Roosters

The main reason as to why I predict the Roosters will win is because the Sharks are down too many players to put up a good fight against the Chookies and with the added homefield advantage, the Chooks have this one as they set their sights on the premiership which doesn’t seem too far from their grasp.

Sunday 21st July, 2013
Penrith Panthers vs. Newcastle Knights
Even though my Panthers favourite Josh Mansour is still out of action, the Panthers look to continue their impressive form as they take on the equally awesome Knights at Centrebet Stadium. This was the most difficult game for me to predict as both teams have had a parallel path up the ladder.

SolSat’s Prediction: Penrith Panthers

Because I found this match too hard to predict, I chose my tip based on personal feelings and because I like the Panthers a tinge bit more than the Knights (sorry Fraser), and that is all there is to that, even though there’s a home advantage as well but who cares about that? This will no doubt be an excellent game between both sides.

Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles vs. Gold Coast Titans
I have a newfound affection for the Eagles… well, particularly, for one Brenton Lawrence after watching him on Perfect Partners on Footy Show last night. Moving onto the actual game, the Eagles clash with the Gold Coast Titans at the soon-to-be-newly-named Brookvale Oval. Will Lawrence do me proud?

SolSat’s Prediction: Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles

I honestly see the Eagles taking out a decent victory over the Titans this week; their momentum is almost unstoppable and they will continue their excellent form with a solid victory over the Titans. Also because I personally dislike Greg Bird.

Monday 22nd July, 2013
South Sydney Rabbitohs vs. St. George Illawarra Dragons
The no.1 Bunnies are going up against the Dragons who have the Sexiest Man in League returning from an injury that sidelined him from what seemed like forever. Will the return of Matt Cooper motivate the Dragons to pull out an underdog victory against the premiership favourites?

SolSat’s Prediction: South Sydney Rabbitohs

The Bunnies are too damn good to lose this time around even with the loss of Bunnies forefront man, Greg Inglis. The Dragons should put up a decent fight as Inglis is widely considered the Bunnies foundation player.

I’m glad my Bronx get a rest after their defeat at the hands of the Sharkies last week. Our season is on the line so we have no choice but to win for the rest of the season if we want a chance of being in the top 8. Here’s to a good week of league!

– by The Black Widow

EDIT: Apparently my facts were wrong in that it was only Benji’s last game at Leichardt, not altogether.

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