Tipping for Dummies: Round 17

I was just thinking that I should rename my “Sports” category to just “NRL” seeing as most of my sports posts are going to be NRL related. On that note:

Welcome to Tipping for Dummies!

Introducing Solstice Satisfaction's "Tipping for Dummies"!

Introducing Solstice Satisfaction’s “Tipping for Dummies”!


In this new segment of SolSat, I will be giving my predictions of the NRL round’s fast-paced, hard-hitting action with a breakdown of the two teams and, of course, the ultimate prediction of who will be the winnah. That was a Buzz! reference, if anyone didn’t get it. Let’s get to it then, shall we?

Friday 5th July, 2013
Melboure Storm vs. Brisbane Broncos

If it hasn’t been made apparent by my previous sports posts, I am a diehard Broncos fan. Apparently the term “supporter” doesn’t suit me because I’m too, shall we say, lively to be defined as a mere supporter. In saying that, the Storm are one of my top 4 teams so it won’t be too hard for me to remain unbiased in this. After what I thought to be quite a humiliating loss to the Tigers last week, the Storm are looking to pick up their game and will most likely do so with their main player, Cameron Smith, back in the fray. After all, he walks like Rihanna. On the opposing side, the Mighty Broncos are coming off an excellent game with the Warriors despite a 2 point loss, which is a major improvement on their last game against the Warriors with which my precious Suncorp Stadium grass was desecrated.

SolSat’s Prediction: Brisbane Broncos

Despite being a diehard #bronxnation fan, the Broncos desperately need this victory if they want to be in the top 8 at the end of the year and I believe that drive and determination will lead them to a slight victory over the premiers in what is to be an excellent game. With star player Gareth Widdop sidelined for the rest of the season, God bless his soul, Melbourne won’t be up to their 120% performance and this will contribute to the Bronco’s predicted victory. Here’s to a good game and GO THE MIGHTY BRONCOS!

Cronulla Sharks vs. West Tigers
The Tigers have completely changed their downhill momentum with an impressive victory over the Storm and are hoping to continue that trek uphill as they go up against the Sharks. On the contrary, the usually outstanding Sharks have been on a downward slope, contributing to their loss against the North Queensland Cowboys and are indubitably hoping to fix that problem with a victory here.

SolSat’s Prediction: Cronulla Sharks

Even with Cronulla five-eighth Todd Carney not playing at his total best, I don’t see the Tigers taking the victory this time around. The loss against the Cowboys will surely motivate the Sharks to play a top game and defeat the Tigers, although I am still expecting an excellent game from the Wests, with notable mentions going out to Benji Marshall and Robbie Farah.

Saturday 6th July, 2013
St. George Illawarra Dragons vs. Sydney City Roosters
The Roosters have had an excellent season so far because of, in my humble opinion, the acquisition of one Sonny Bill Williams and one James “Barbecquing” Maloney. They are coming off a victory over the Eagles in what was a terrific game. The Dragons haven’t had as impressive a season, especially with key player Matt “Sexiest Man in League” Cooper being sidelined for quite a while.

SolSat’s Prediction: Sydney City Roosters

The Roosters are too damn impressive to be overthrown this time and with cutie five-eighth Maloney coming back after a disgusting looking eye injury, I see the Roosters with a clear and decisive victory over the Dragons who are in desperate need of some spark to get them back to their 100%. They may also need Matt Cooper back before he leaves league to become a full-time model.

Gold Coast Titans vs. Penrith Panthers
The Titans are coming off a huge loss to the Newcastle Knights which, in their defense, is nothing to be ashamed of with the Knights impressive performances as of late. With the Panthers solid victory over the Dragons in Round 16, they are looking to make this a streak with a victory over the beautifully-coloured Titans.

SolSat’s Prediction: Gold Coast Titans

I expect the Titans to win but just barely as the Panthers will play an excellent game against the Titans. This predicted loss may just light the fire underneath the Panthers to keep their position in the top 8.

Sunday 7th July, 2013
Canberra Raiders vs. North Queensland Cowboys
The Cowboys, who I may note are in my top 4 faves as I have an undying adoration for co-captains Thurston and Scott, done me proud as they toppled the Sharks in a 24-4 victory. In saying that, the Raiders have been tearing through the competition, even with a huge loss to the Rabbitohs last week even though a loss to the no.1 team is nothing to be ashamed of. Cowboys vs. Raiders – who will come out with the victory?

SolSat’s Prediction: North Queensland Cowboys

My lovely Cowboys will take this victory when taking into consideration Raiders’ key player Edrick Lee being sidelined and the fact that Thurston is a league machine. The Cowboys will take this game and continue their upwards momentum and hopefully make it into the top 8 like my Broncos are hoping to.

Canterbury Bulldogs vs. Newcastle Knights
This season has been up and down for the usually impressive Bulldogs. Ben Barba seems to have hit his peak last year and hasn’t been playing as well as he usually does resulting in an up-and-down win and loss record for the highly favoured team. The Newcastle Knights, if I may say, have shot out of nowhere and proven why they deserve to be in the top 8 after demolishing the Titans in Round 16.

SolSat’s Prediction: Canterbury Bulldogs

The Bulldogs would have undoubtedly used their bye for some extra training for this game with the Knights and that among other things will carry to their victory over the Knights. While the Knights have been impressive as of late, I’m favouring the Doggies to take this one. Doggggiieeeesss bro. Sorry Fraser.

South Sydney Rabbitohs vs. New Zealand Warriors
The Bunnies have had no trouble staying in the top 4 for this whole season and their performances have been flawless with notable mentions going out to Greg Inglis and Adam Reynolds. On the flip side, if there has been any shocker for me personally, it has been the Warriors; they have literally come out of no where with entertaining and bloody brilliant performances… one of which took place on Suncorp Stadium that I don’t ever want to mention again. With the Bunnies dominance and the Warriors uprise, who will take the win?

SolSat’s Prediction: South Sydney Rabbitohs

Sorry Maxi, the Bunnies take this one. They have been too damn good to lose now, even to an unpredictable team like the Warriors. With League legend Inglis on their side along with the Burgess brothers and the soft spoken Adam Reynolds, who I think should be the halfback for the NSW Blues, the Bunnies will easily score a victory at the expense of the Warriors. On a side note: #ThankYouRoyAsotasi

Monday 8th July, 2013
Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles vs. Parramatta Eels
The Eagles have had a solid year proving why they’re key players in the league with impressive performances throughout the year, even against my boys in Round 1, with notable mention going out to Kieran Foran and Daly Cherry Evans, the latter of which continues to wow me with his impressive form. The Eels, putting it bluntly, have had a not-so impressive season although they did score the victory over my boys.

SolSat’s Prediction: Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles

With all due respect to Mannah and his squadron of Eels, the Eagles will take this hands down. They have been too good recently to lose and coming off a loss to the Chookies in a terrific game of league, the Eagles will undoubtedly bring their stardom to their home stadium and defeat the Eels to finish Round 17.

There you have it. Those are my predictions for Round 17 wrapped in a nice little package. Here’s to hoping for some great games and go the Broncos!

– by The Black Widow

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