Happy New Year!

Goodbye 2013, hello 2014.

2014, what year will you be to me?

2014, what year will you be to me?

New Years is always a good time to get together with friends and family and celebrate the new collection-of-365-days. It’s one of the best holidays of the year – unless you work in retail like me and don’t actually get New Years off (by choice) – so it’s important to kick back and relax during the day.

Alas, not every holiday is perfect. Just like people who hate car antlers during Christmas, there are some things that I dread every New Years…

Things I hate about New Years…
[x] The “this is what I did in the year and omg I am such a better person than I was 365 days ago” statuses you see on Facebook. They pop up EVERY year and people are always making fun of them, yet they seem to get more popular with each year. These are those ones that are like “2013 was such a good year for me. I did this, did that, also did this, also did that, omg my life is so amazing, my year was so better than yours”. Tough titties. I had an amazing 2013. I met my idol Corey Parker. Twice. Don’t see me bragging about it.
[x] The ones who make statuses mocking the aforementioned post above, but use it as an excuse to write the exact same thing they’re criticising. There is a special place reserved in hell for hypocrites.
[x] New Year’s Resolutions. Hate them. I don’t want to sound cynical but I just think people use the New Year as an excuse to set goals they could do on June 25th or September 14th, like, what is stopping you from making goals any other day in the year?
[x] People who complain that the year just had was shit and that the new year will be better. With an attitude like that, young lad or lady, all of your years are going to be shit. Just sayin’.

Just not to sound like a bitter hater, here are a few…

Things I love about New Years
[x] I love the camaraderie the celebration brings. A bunch of strangers flock up to Sydney Harbour and are so chummy with each other even though they will never see each other ever again. It’s a refreshing sight to see.
[x] Happy New Year text messages. While I obviously don’t need a reminder that it is a new year, I still like receiving these. Makes me feel loved.
[x] Fireworks pictures and videos. I don’t necessarily find the idea of fireworks entertaining but I still appreciate their beauty so even though I may miss some, at least there are photos and videos I can watch.
[x] Grog. ‘Nuff said.

Please keep these in mind, especially the things I don’t like. And train yourself not to do it when 2015 comes in. On behalf of the entire SolSat team, I wish you all a very Happy New Year! Here’s to an equally amazing year!

– by The Black Widow

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