The Definitive Ranking of the Avengers

“Avengers: Assemble!”

The Marvel Avengers video game has dropped recently and it has sparked a passionate reaction from fans; whether it was positive or negative, fans had a lot to say about the game that has been keeping people talking for years!

Captain America may be standing at the front, but is he the top Avenger?

After playing through the exceptional campaign, plus clocking up hours and hours of gameplay through the multiplayer war table, I can safely say that I’ve experienced a fair amount of gameplay as each character thus far (even if I have my favourites).

There has been a lot of debate over who is the most useful character of the six Avengers available for use, so here are my rankings for the best Avengers to use when battling A.I.M and Monica Rappacini’s skank face.

Iron Man

One of the more disappointing things about this game is playing as Iron Man. I was looking forward to it: he’s got cool gadgets, he’s funny, he can fly and shoot funky missiles and lasers, and he’s voiced by Nolan North for crying out loud. Except the flying mechanics are what drops Mr. Stark to the bottom of the list. The flying mechanism in the game is flawed, and when you want to sprint as Iron Man, instead of just running fast, he slowly glides. While his projectile attacks are efficient, his melee combat is weak compared to his teammates, and that is something I can’t forgive.

Ms. Marvel

While being cute and relatable to most of the video gamers out there, Ms. Marvel’s super flexibility make her quite hard to control when battling robots. Her projectile attack of stretching out her arm in a punch isn’t the most reliable form of offence either; although I will say her Embiggen ability is probably one of the best abilities in the game.

Captain America

The appointed leader of the Avengers should be higher on the list if you really think about it, but his slightly-above-average fighting style cripple his ability to be in the top three. His best feature is his shield (to the surprise of none) which means his defence is easily the best of the team. However, with a strong defence comes a fairly weak offence, and besides his ability to throw his shield to ricochet between countless amounts of robots, his attacks leave a little to be desired. Cap is also the hardest to carefully ease around the map as he can’t fly (a la Thor and Iron Man), can’t grapple onto higher ledges (a la Black Widow and Ms. Marvel) and isn’t a giant green gamma monster capable of jumping easil to high places (a la Hulk… were you expecting someone else?)


Someone who I wasn’t expecting to enjoy playing as but ended up really loving was Hulk. His brute strength coupled up with his love to “smash” *sexual pun not intended* makes him super fun to play as, especially when you grab someone and either start slamming them onto the floor, or even use them as a weapon as you swing them into other enemies. I also enjoyed that he wasn’t made OP like he probably is considered by the comics standard. His major downfall is his projectile attacking (throwing boulders) and his relatively tame special abilities.


While Iron Man’s flying ability was whack, Thor was much easier to control since he didn’t slowly glide when put into sprint mode. His melee ability is very strong with or without Mjolnir, and his ability to use Mjolnir in his projectile attack, but then to pin that enemy to the wall while you beat the tar out of them with your fists is iconic. His special abilities compliment the team and his strengths well, even though I still don’t quite get how effective his Bitfrost ability is… maybe I’m not using it properly.

Black Widow

Admittedly, there is slight bias here because Natasha is my favourite Avenger, but the Black Widow trumps the rest of the Avengers in terms of overall ability. She is super quick to speed around the map and use her Widow’s Line grapple to zip around high places easily and also zoom into battle by latching onto an enemy; her melee ability is top notch with her quick and effective strikes and Widow’s Bite; her projectile attacks with three different types of guns are also super effective when you know how to use them properly; and her invisibility team effect is probably the best passive ability of the bunch. Her gameplay style isn’t hard to wrap your head around if you’re a casual gamer, and once you’ve mastered the Widow, you can conquer the world.

There you have it. The only one without any special powers or enhanced abilities is the best one of the group. Don’t blame me – I didn’t make the rules.

– by The Black Widow

The Girls Take Over the Gaze while the Boys Act as the Spectacle

I’m a big appreciator of a good quality movie… but it has to happen once in a while. I gave in to the secret desire of all women and watched a movie just for the pure pleasure for gazing at the big buff figure of Thor and my gosh I enjoyed every minute of it. The obsession began with the first movie though Thor 2 did not fail to disappoint!


You could classify it as an action packed buzzer, a romantic comedy as well as a futuristic entertainer. The movie was a great watch though a good 60% of my 10 out of 10 rating has to be credited to that tanned, toned and muscly hunk of Chris Hemsworth. So it’s the new never fail formula for a film. Center the story around a big buff hero, a story line with some thrills and some laughs and then throw in a gorgeous co-lady and Hollywood is racking it in. Oh times have changed.

It all started with the Male Gaze theory of Laura Mulvey during the 1970’s who proposed that there was a tendency of film to circulate around women objectified in film by heterosexual men who are in control of the camera. Her thoughts delve into the ways in which we as the audience as well as the characters within films subject an individual to a controlling and curious gaze for sexual stimulation through sight. This is certainly the case in Thor 2 though: when did the Male Gaze become the Female Gaze? Seems as if we have taken over ladies and what eye candy we want, we get! So let’s go through the decades and see how the sexual spectacle of the femme fatale became the big, buff glory of Thor 2.


The 1950’s were all about the exquisite Marylin Monroe and boy she WOW’d in the 1959 film Some Like it Hot. With a name like Sugar Cane, her sensual persona in the film pleases even the woman’s eye. The film follows the story of two musicians who escape their hometown disguised as woman to join an all-girl band. Image


Oh Audrey Audrey Audrey! She is classy, sassy and beautiful all in one and it was her time in 1961 in Breakfast At Tiffany’s. It’s a crime if you haven’t watched the film! The film follows Holly, a New York socialite who becomes interested in a young and handsome man who moves into her apartment building.



This is where Mulvey’s Male Gaze was at its peak and Olivia Newton John owned those last 10 minutes of Greece and is to thank for the inspiration for every girls 1970’s dress-up party outfit. I mean those legs in those tights and that red lipstick… gosh dammit just makes we wanna get to the gym and squat.



This is where the men make their debut and it’s all about the handsome, strong hero who swoops the girl away. Who better to get it started then Cary Elwes in The Princess Bride? I think I probably watched this film over 15 times in high school for English but I didn’t complain. The 1987 American romantic, comedy, fantasy, adventure film is the only one of its kind and did not fail to entertain. Look at the way the princess is clenching on to him from behind!

The Princess Bride


The crazy 90’s in which I was born and all the hype was over Pulp Fiction. Now this one is a bit tricky because the sexy Uma Thurman seduces us all as the mafia boss’ wife though John Travolta gets his dangerous, hit-man on and gets all the ladies a bit hot and steamy!



The Dark Knight Batman movie 2008. Hero of the city, fighting crime, seducing ladies just being an every-day man. Christian Bale does not fail to impress with that 6-pack and firm guns. The movie is a pleasure to watch in every sense.


And we come to the now. The big, buff pleasure of Thor. It makes you think about the reasons we watch films. We sit in a dark cinema room, in a rather comfortable chair with snacks to last us the hour or two and stare into a screen. Stare at the “lives” of others and be entertained… or pleased by that eye candy. I’m not going to deny it. The reason I went to watch Thor was for the pleasure of the candy and it did not disappoint. Plus… he is an Aussie so I’m just “supporting” our damn handsome Aussie talent! 😉

– by Nikolina Koevska