2014-15 Cricket Guide for Dummies

With a rather successful 2013-14 season of cricket for the Aussies the popularity and the attention on cricket in our nation has increased quite dramatically. With the BBL|03 having crazy ratings and all 5 Ashes Test Matches getting very high ratings as well the odds that many people don’t know whats going on has also increased. So for those Dummies out there here is just one of the things to expect next season!

-ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 –

Currently poised on top of the ICC ODI Team Rankings is Australia. Just behind in second place is India and in third place is England.

28 May 2014
Team Matches Points Rating
Australia 35 4020 115
India 53 5923 112
England 39 4329 111
Sri Lanka 57 6292 110
South Africa 32 3486 109
Pakistan 47 4716 100
New Zealand 31 3031 98
West Indies 40 3744 94
Bangladesh 23 1683 73
Zimbabwe 20 1228 61
Afghanistan 9 304 34
Ireland 9 297 33

Although Australia is clear ahead in terms of rating points, places second to 5th are each merely separated by 1 point. So anything could happen throughout the tournament. Rankings aside here are the players set to take the tournament by storm. Well actually since this is a Dummies Guide I will tone down my cricket terminology and rather make an Solstice Satisfaction’s ICC World Cup XI with explanations as to why I think they’re going to fire this time round in the World Cup.

Solstice Satisfaction’s ICC World Cup XI

1. Hashim Amla (South Africa)

-Solid Performer in all 3 formats. His timing and placement could pay dividends on quick Australian and New Zealand outfields. All you could ask from an opener.

2. Shikhar Dhawan (India)

-Had a fantastic 2013-14 Season. Top Run Scorer in the ICC Champions Trophy last year. Be ready for some

fireworks in the World Cup.

3. Virat Kohli (India)

-Like most players in this list, had a fantastic 2013-14 season. Against Australia in the 7 match ODI Series he performed at his best helping his side chase down massive totals of 350-60 with ease.

4. George Bailey (Australia) VICE CAPTAIN

-Last season he showed why Australia selectors had faith in him and anointed him with the T20I Captaincy and the ODI Vice Captaincy. In the ODI series against India he led by example and although they lost that series since then under Australia have won all ODI Series.

5. A.B De Villiers (South Africa)

-In the form of his life, both in the Test, ODI, and T20 arena. A solid performer for South Africa over the past few years and his experience and leadership qualities alongside his batting make him one of the most in-demand cricketer in the world.

6. Glenn Maxwell (Australia)

-In recent months he has shown why he is called the Big Show. His extravagant stroke-play and absolute dominance over any bowling unit once he has his eye in makes him one of the most deadly players currently playing international cricket. To add to his superb batting he is also a handy off spinner with the ability to get wickets in crucial times.

7. +MS Dhoni (India) CAPTAIN

-He’s done practically all you can achieve as captain. He’s won all the big tournaments and his keeping skills are as sharp as ever. In addition to his captaincy and keeping he is a deadly lower order finisher and a batsman you always want to get out early.

8. Chris Jordan (England)

-Most people wouldn’t know Chris Jordan but he his one of the few shining stars in the England Cricket Team at the moment. His deceptively quick bowling and his lower order striking are qualities you want in a limited overs player.

9. Mitchell Johnson (Australia) 

-Quick, aggressive and accurate. The three qualities you want in your repertoire of bowling options as captain. Not only is Mitchell Johnson’s bowling outstanding but he has the capability to clear the rope when required and his fielding is exceptional.

10. Dale Steyn (South Africa)

-One of the best fast bowlers in modern times and he has been dominating the player rankings for quite some time. He has the ability to swing the ball yet bowl at quite some pace. Like Johnson he has the ability to clear the boundary and is always one not worth taking lightly as an opposition.

11. Sunil Narine (West Indies)

-Along with his unusual action Sunil Narine has been deceiving many batsman at the crease with his off spin. Having a fantastic season both with the West Indies and KKR he has made himself renown around the world as a premier spin bowler that you want to have in any modern day bowling attack. Economical and deceptive he will be one of the lead player in the West Indies team.

12th Man. Eoin Morgan (England)

-His form in Australia in the ODI’s and T20I’s was quite phenomenal and his century at the GABBA personified how dangerous of a batsman he can be once he gets going. His past record in Australia and New Zealand make him a formidable batsman.

– by Hiro Couper

I am not Plastic Fob-tastic

If I had to choose one term that I hate with a fiery passion to abolish, it would be “plastic fob”. Never heard of it? Let me explain.

100% genuine. 0% plastic.

100% genuine. 0% plastic.

To those of you who don’t know me, my cultural background is Maori, Samoan and a dash of Irish in there somewhere. I was born in Australia so I identify myself as being Australian but will never hide my cultural background. I am proud of my pacific roots and embrace my culture – maybe not to its full extent, but I still love and acknowledge where my ancestors have come from.

As I have had a “traditional” Australian upbringing in the beautiful country town of Bathurst, I’m not as cultured as someone who was born and raised in the islands; I don’t know all of the cultural norms and I don’t speak neither fluent Maori or Samoan (not for lack of trying, I have pestered my parents to teach me on numerous occasions). In fact, I speak better Portuguese than I do either of those languages.

Does that make me any less Samoan or Maori than another child of the pacific? No, it doesn’t. As people who are normally stereotyped as easy-going and friendly, why are some Polynesians so bitter towards each other?

This is where “plastic fob” comes in. A plastic fob is, basically, someone who has a cultural background from the Pacific Islands yet doesn’t act or behave like a “normal” Polynesian would. That is what pisses me off. I get this term branded on me by so many of my own people who don’t even take the time to actually get to know me. My best friend, who had a similar upbringing as me and who is half Samoan and half Italian, has the same issue as me; we went through a lot of the exclusions just because we were “plastic”. I know some of my siblings have to deal with this kind of, dare I say, bullshit, as well.

Let me put this on the record: I am not plastic. I am not pretending to be anyone but me. I am who I am. Just because I am not musically gifted in singing or playing acoustic guitar does not make me any less Polynesian than it does the guys from Nesian Mystik. Just because I am not working in some form of security does not make me any less Polynesian than my big brave cousin who does. I haven’t been to neither of the homelands (New Zealand or Samoa just FYI), but you try and put me on a plane and you will see how difficult of a task that is (see attached).

I get judged a lot just because I am a lot different to the “stereotypical” Polynesian man and have been called a “plastic fob” many times in my life and sometimes worse. It’s ridiculous.

Please, my fellow Polynesians, whether you be Samoan, Tongan, Fijian, Niuean or Maori, we need to learn to stick together and not judge one another just because we’ve had a different childhood. One of the things I most enjoy about our culture is how I can bump into someone whom I’ve never met before and still say hello or give a polite nod just because we have that same cultural similarity. We are some of the most beautiful people on the planet so let’s not change that and let’s please abolish the term “plastic fob.” It tells a better story about the insulter than the insultee.

My name is Nikki. I am Maori. I am Samoan. I am Irish. I am a journalist. I am a rugby league enthusiast. I am video gamer. I am a horror movie lover. I am a country head. I am a pole dancing student. I am my own person. I am not plastic.

– by The Black Widow